I have worked with David since 2009 and he provides great service at very reasonable rates. He is very responsive and knowledgeable and I highly recommend his services. CEO

David is a superb attorney and advisor. I routinely utilize his extensive expertise to provide counsel on a myriad of company issues as well as SEC advice. As a publicly traded company, we must constantly ensure compliance with numerous rules and regulations and I can think of nobody else I would want supporting me other than David. CEO, Chairman

David is a consummate professional and specializes in corporate and SEC law. I have worked with David on many projects for over 10 years and I can always count on his unique insight and professional work ethic. Highly recommended. Entrepreneur

Over the past 13 years, I have worked with Dave in the preparation, negotiation and through closing of financial and securities-related transactions for startup and emerging companies. Dave is a strategic tactician and forward thinker — who will learn a client’s business overnight, assesses the situation at-hand and competitive landscape, and thereafter, provides the appropriate legal advice and required documentation — seamlessly, he becomes an extension to your team as if he was a member of your organization for several years. If you are seeking a securities attorney with exceptional business acumen and one “who thinks it through” to obtain a needed edge, then, I highly recommend Dave’s services. Executive Manager

Dave has very broad legal background that spans several key areas of law including securities law and corporate law. He is an excellent communicator, diligent and takes a conservative path. Founder

David has been a pleasure to work with the past 5 years and I highly recommend David for his integrity and professionalism. Entrepenuer

David Bovi has been a trusted attorney and loyal friend for many years and I would recommend him to anyone looking for corporate legal representation. He is not only an attorney of the highest level of knowledge but a person with a high level of dignity and an old fashioned work ethic. A rare blend of personal and professional skills that makes him a valuable asset to all of his clients and friends. Owner

Whenever I had to issue corporate communications to shareholders or the general public, David was there to keep our message in compliance with SEC regulations. He paid attention to detail and took time to ensure accuracy in our approach. Communications Professional